9S+ Arcade Console 2020 in 1 2 Players Control Arcade Games Station Machine Joystick


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Features:*It supports two players enjoy the games at the same time, offering users a real arcade experience.*Built-in 2020 arcade games allow you to return to the fun of childhood, wake your memory up.*Supports VGA HD Output with max. 1280*720 output resolution. When connecting to computer via USB port, the console works as gamepad only.*Compatible with all HDTV, PC, for PS3, monitor, projector and so on. Just plug and play.*Players can custom the button order for their own needs, thus getting a better gaming experience.*Supports game pause function. Press the PAUSE button on the console to suspend the game but not lose the game progress.*Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite games to the favourite game list which is showing on the home page.*You can quick search the game you like; and hide the games you want to hide when in no need.*Languages can be freely switched between English, Chinese and Korean.Note 1: Only the 1-1300 games can be hided or added to favorite while the 1301-2020 games cannot.Note 2: User Manual is not included. Please contact customer service if needed.