BT 5.0 Wireless Audio Receiver Transmitter Car Hands-free Calling 3.5mm BT Adapter


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Features:BT transmitting and receiving two in one, two modes switch at will, applicable to a variety of devices.Receive mode: you can connect your cell phone, tablet, speaker, amplifier, car, headphones and other devices to play music.Transmit mode: you can connect audio output devices, transmit BT signal, play music through paired wireless headphones, BT audio, MP3MP4, TV computer, etc.Built-in high-performance independent ear amplifier, not only improves audio performance, but also has a delicate and durable sound quality.After the first successful pairing with the device, the device can be automatically connected.BT 5.0 chip, signal stability and high-speed transmission, rapid response, refuse to delay lag.250mAh high-capacity lithium battery, 10 hours of continuous playback time, supports charging while using.Exquisite appearance, using metallic texture black with frosted gray, non-slip and wear-resistant, the size of a car key, lightweight and portable travel.Colorful and elegant ambient light unique design, warm light lingers around you.