DT68 BT Intelligent Watch Round Dial Smartwatch


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Features:This watch has 20 dials, which can be switched at will, so you can choose your favorite style.Professional ECG: evaluate heart fitness, integrate PPG and HRV to measure accurate data, and display photoelectric waveform through the wristband measurement.Real-time display: through the green light sensor LED light, analyze the subcutaneous blood flow and real-time display of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen in advance to predict the physical condition. You can also view more comprehensive data through the mobile phone APP.9 sports modes: the intelligent coach on the wrist can be able to accurately record real-time heart rate, mileage, pace, speed and other professional sports data, to help you analyze and improve your level of exercise.Long battery lfe: the low-power chip and 230mAh large battery can efficient improve the battery life. No need to carry the charge when traveling and camping. The long standby time for 50 days and battery life for 7 days.