HXSJ Q3 3.5mm Wired Computer Speaker 10W Soundbar Home Theater PC Sound Bar Volume Control USB Powered for TV Laptop Tablet PC Smartphone MP3 Player


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Features:Comes with 2*5W double horns, surround sound and the deep bass matched, bringing you high-quality music.Compatible with computer, mobile phone, TV, tablet, game consoles and other 3.5mm audio devices.Independent volume knob, convenient to quickly adjust the volume up and down.It can be placed on the table top or mount on the wall with hooks and screws.USB-powered, plug and play, energy-saving, safe and reliable.How to use:1. Plug both the 3.5 AUX audio cable and the Micro USB power cable into the LIN and DC 5V jacks respectively.2. Plug the other end of the 3.5 AUX audio cable into the output port of the audio source, and check if the audio source is muted.3. Plug the other end of the USB power cable into the USB port of your computer, charger, etc. with 5V1A and 5V2A output.4. You can adjust the volume button on the top of the product to the appropriate position according to your needs.