LG 3D Blu-ray Disc Player BD670 w/ Universal Remote (Refurbished)

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Are you super psyched about the 3D-enabled HDTV your family just upgraded to? Wondering how to best take advantage of this super-rad technology? Meet your new HDTV’s soulmate: the LG 3D Blu-ray Disc Player! Enabled to play video, photo, and audio in a multitude of formats (Blu-ray, DVD, streaming from Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, straight from your computer via Wi-Fi. the possibilities are endless), this is much more than a regular old disc player! With gorgeous 1080p HD performance and surround sound, you’ll be immersed in a way that dinky old TV/VCR combo was never able to allow! All that plus stunningly real 3D visuals? Welcome to the future! NOTE: Please note that this product ships with a universal remote control. This remote control does operate the basic functions (play, eject, fast forward etc) but may not work for some of the more advanced features of this player.