Mini DLP Instrument Portable LED 3D Projector


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Features:New pico lightweight DLP projector with wireless screen mirroring capability.RD-606, a new beetle-like design, which gives you a new experience, it is not only the most lightweight and facile, but also more convenient for mirroring.The new RD-606 brings you a more portable projection fun experience.More symmetrical appearance.Easy to pick up with one hand.High definition multimedia interface input port, you can connect the laptop to the projector. RD-606, your reliable partner for moving office.Practical functional configuration, infrared signal receiving window/high definition multimedia interface input port/USB2.0 port/3.5mm earphone jack/power master switch/micro USB charging port.It can charge for your mobile device, it is convenient and considerate.3.5mm audio out, built-in fine quality speaker inside, audio devices, which greatly enhances the sound quality of watching movies.Large capacity lithium battery, which can play more than 2 hours movies.RD-606 can be charged by power bank through the Micro USB port, you can enjoy a longer projection experience even though you are outside.DLP display chip, presenting stunning 3D stereo vision, support active shutter 3D projection technology and left-right 3D video decoding.Demonstration becomes more convenient with it, rapid and effective mirroring function brings you more convenient experience.Suitable for a variety of occasions, such as home, classroom, party, meeting, outing or speech.