Professional H36 Handheld KTV Microphone Wireless BT Karaoke Microphone Mobile Phone Microphone


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Features:One Microphone Meets All Requirements: Suitable for various singing and performing occasions, such as friends gathering singing song, outdoor performance wireless singing, car journey dispels boredom, webcast sound card effects, etc.Double Filter Large Diaphragm Microphone: Professional design to effectively filter unwanted background noise.HD Large Moving Coil Sound Head: Clearly capture every detail of your sound, cancel the internal and external sound wave impact, ensure the stable of the head, and suppress howling.Intelligent Noise Reduction: Multi-frequency sampling DSP, upgraded to 16 digital speaker processors, and actively implements noise reduction and reverberation processing, making the sound delicate and moving.Full-Range Speakers Shock Stereo: 3D surround sound for your immersive enjoyment. Magic Voice Changing Mode: Five different sound changing modes for more microphone play.BT5.0 Connection: New BT5.0 technology, powerful new energy, stable connection and barrier-free connection up to 12 meters distance, bringing high-quality music enjoyment.Widely Compatible: Suitable for all major singing electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets and TV), compatible with Android/ iOS systems. Support almost all major music APPs.Live Sound Function: Support single phone live broadcast, with a variety of live warming sound effects, hi burst live room to make your popularity skyrocket.Multiple Modes of Happy Song: Multiple modes of plug and play, memory card, audio cable, headphones, can listen and sing to meet your various needs.Beautiful Sound Artifact Automatically Beautify the Sound: Intelligent stereo dynamic coil sound head, a configuration unique to professional-grade singing equipment, not comparable to ordinary microphones.Ergonomic Design: Comfortable arc touch design, holding and singing in your hand, comfortable and exquisite skin-friendly experience.